Josh Hurst has been a professional word wrangler since 2000. He lives in Knoxville, TN with his wife, Kati, and two sons, Henry and Dylan.

Apple Music
A proud co-worker of Dr. Dre, Josh started curating playlists for Beats Music in 2014, and was part of the creative team’s transition to Apple Music. Josh curates playlists for Apple’s Gospel, Country, and Americana channels. Additionally, Josh writes album reviews for iTunes.

Grammar Chic, Inc.
Since 2011, Josh has worked as a writer, editor, strategist, consultant, and occasional client confessor/therapist for Grammar Chic, Inc., a full-service writing company that provides social media marketing, ghostwriting, blogging, academic services, resume preparation, and copyediting. As the company’s senior-most writer and strategist, Josh has ghostwritten articles that have appeared in The Huffington Post and The Washington Post— though you’ll have to take his word for it.

FLOOD Magazine
Beginning in fall 2015, Josh began writing about TV and books for the arts-and-culture publication FLOOD Magazine; in 2016, he became a staff music critic.

Slant Magazine
In 2016, Josh become a regular contributor to Slant Magazine, writing reviews of current pop music releases.

Christianity Today
Josh was a professional film and music critic with Christianity Today from 2005 through 2012, writing hundreds of film and music reviews for the world’s largest evangelical publication. At one point, Josh authored multiple weekly columns for the online movie channel, in addition to conducting interviews and covering press junkets.

Freelance Work
As a freelance journalist, Josh has written about music, film, television, and literature for Relevant Magazine, Image Journal, and In Review Online. His work has also appeared in various regional newspapers and blogs, including Looking Closer with Jeffrey Overstreet.

Josh obsessively listens to records, takes his wife to the movies, plays board games, reads books, builds train tracks with his two sons, and attends church at West Hills Presbyterian in Knoxville. He tweets @joshhurst.


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