One of the most important decisions critics make is what they’ll write about; magazine stringers don’t often have that luxury, but here at my personal blog I’m able to curate the records I cover, selecting works that make me excited and give me something fun to talk about. Generally speaking, this means the reviews here will be positive: I got into this racket because I love records, and writing about music that doesn’t move me seems like an odd and unpleasant use of this space. With that said, I may mention disappointments and noble failures from time to time, especially the ones that at least manage to be interesting.

Inclusivity is a guiding principle for me, and I do my best to completely ignore distinctions about high and low culture, what’s mainstream and what’s underground, what’s trendy and what’s out of fashion. I hope you will find on this blog some reviews of incredibly popular records, and also some you’ve never heard of before.

Genre is not really a consideration for the records I review, beyond the fact that I don’t pretend to know about things when I’m really ignorant: If you don’t see any metal records covered here, for example, it’s not a matter of prejudice so much as simple lack of knowledge.

I have been writing about records since 2000, and have learned that, even covering one significant record each week, I can’t hit on everything; I hope that what I can offer brings some combination of insight and enthusiasm. I am often a critic but always a fan, and wouldn’t be doing any of this if I didn’t think a great album still had much to offer in the way of empathy, imagination, and human connection. All I’ve ever aimed to do was to lay my hands to it, one review at a time.

Josh Hurst
Knoxville, TN